What is the expected timeframe for renting out my property?

Our team at Home Connection Realty, Inc. dedicates time to preparing your property for the rental market, making it appealing to potential tenants. The duration it remains on the market is influenced by factors such as market competition, seasonal variations, and the condition and pricing of your home. Rest assured that we prioritize minimizing vacancy periods to safeguard your rental income.

How is the pricing of my property determined?

We conduct a thorough analysis of comparable properties in the market to establish an appropriate pricing strategy for your home. We aim to maximize your rental income while minimizing vacancy periods and to secure the most qualified tenants for your property.

What sets Home Connection Realty apart from other Property Management Companies?

With over 25 years of excellence in Northwest Indiana’s real estate landscape, Home Connection Realty stands out for its seasoned team of realtors proficient in managing single-family homes and multi-unit properties. But our distinction goes beyond experience.

Comprehensive Marketing Solutions
We collaborate with specialists well-versed in the latest programming, digital marketing, and customer service techniques, ensuring maximum exposure for your property to potential buyers ready to make immediate purchases.

High-Quality Services
Our experienced real estate agents take pride in prioritizing your best interests. With some of the industry’s most well-trained leaders, we go above and beyond to deliver outstanding services. Leveraging available information, we enhance the demand and appeal of your property, regardless of its location, price, or type.

Transparency and Honesty
Our agents are committed to keeping you informed throughout the sales process, from lead acquisition to final sale. Expect regular updates at every stage to ensure transparency and peace of mind.

What happens if my tenant fails to pay rent?

While our rigorous tenant screening process minimizes the risk of rental payment issues, unforeseen circumstances can arise. In such cases, if a tenant cannot fulfill rent obligations, we initiate the eviction process promptly and work to replace them with a tenant capable of meeting rental payments.

What is Home Connection Realty Inc.’s management fee?

The fee is 10%.

Why invest in Northwest Indiana?

Favorable Property Taxes: Residential rentals benefit from low property taxes, capped at 2%.
Proximity to Chicago with Indiana Values: Enjoy the convenience of being close to Chicago, IL, while embracing the conservative values of Indiana.
Housing Affordability: Get more value for your money with Indiana ranked #3 in Housing Affordability and #2 in Overall Affordability by US News.
Efficient Commutes: Commuting to Chicago from Northwest Indiana is easier than from the suburbs, resulting in less commute time.
Lower State Income Tax: Indiana offers lower state income tax rates.
Excellent Education: Benefit from great school systems and proximity to several top universities.
Green Spaces Access: Northwest Indiana boasts 25 miles of beaches, a national park, and a state park for outdoor enthusiasts.
Healthcare Accessibility: Enjoy easy access to healthcare facilities in the region.
Cost of Living: Indiana’s cost of living is the 5th lowest in the US, at 9% below the national average.
Business-Friendly Environment: Forbes ranks Indiana in the Top 10 Best States to Do Business, with a AAA rating from Moody’s on its general obligation debt. Quality of life and business costs contribute to Indiana’s favorable business environment.

What is the definition of “Turnkey”?

“Turnkey” refers to Home Connection Realty Inc.’s comprehensive service, which includes acquiring the property, renovating it, placing a tenant, and managing it on behalf of the investor.

If I invest in a turnkey property, what ongoing expenses should I anticipate each month?

Your monthly expenses may include the mortgage payment, a 10% management fee, property insurance, property taxes, costs for deferred maintenance, and provisions for vacancy (typically estimated at 3% of the monthly rent).

What can I expect as a return on my investment?

Similar to other investments, returns can vary due to numerous factors and are not guaranteed.